April 19, 2018

Big Data is Watching You

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Do you feel like your digital self is slipping out of control? Take the eight-day Data Detox program! This program was created by the American Library Association in celebration of “Choose Privacy Week“. This is a self-directed program that will help you to determine your data footprint and make changes to protect your information online.

All you need is to visit this website to get started: https://datadetox.myshadow.org/detox.

We will run a small informal group for those who want help with the process and a chance to dive deeper.
Please register by emailing Mhubbard@peterboroughnh.gov or call the library at 924-8040.

The Data Detox Program – Introduced
Tuesday, May 1st at 1pm

Receive a brief introduction to the Data Detox Program and learn what to expect.

Data Detox – Midweek Check In
Friday, May 4th at 1pm

Questions about the process? Concerns? We will meet to discuss what you are finding out about the Data Detox Program.

Author: Corinne Chronopoulos
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