January 31, 2020

Virtual Tech Tuesday: Excel Basics

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September 8, 2020 - February 12, 2020

Excel Basics with Sandy

Tuesday, September 8th at 1pm

This is an introductory class in Excel for people with PCs and little or no prior spreadsheet experience. We will cover cell and worksheet basics, cell references, how formulas work, some elementary functions, sorting and filtering, keyboard shortcuts, formatting, best practices in spreadsheet design, and more. This class will be taught by Sandy Bibace!

Please email Mary at mhubbard@peterboroughnh.gov for a link.

Class Instructor: Sandy Bibace

Sandy Bibace has been using spreadsheets since they were first introduced in the early 80’s. She is a former CPA and corporate controller, now working as an accounting software consultant for small businesses. When she is not at her computer, she is often knitting, which is no surprise since it also involves rows and columns. She lives in Peterborough.


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