September 7, 2016

Interactive Art: Take What You Need

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Collaborative Art Exhibit 

We have a new display up in the Art Corner and front wall as you enter the library on Concord Street. This month the exhibit is an interactive collaborative community piece. The public are invited to join in and help create an ever-changing piece about supporting each other as individuals and as a community.

The piece is simple enough, but can have a powerful meaning. Both walls show similar pieces with the words “Take what you need!” surrounded by hundreds of Post-It notes with phrases and words written on them. Some of the notes read: “love,” “hope,” “a helping hand,” and others say “peace,” “a silver lining,” and “respect” amongst many others. The notes are there for anyone who needs one to take. There is also a station at each wall for the public to “Give what you can” and write their own Post-It note to add to the walls.

This interactive piece will be up at the library for the month of September. The library hopes to continue to have different interactive art exhibitions up over the course of the year, interspersed between our Artist of the Month series.

For more information on these events, please contact the Peterborough Town Library, (603) 924-8040,

Author: Corinne Chronopoulos
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