May 3, 2016

Jason Garland

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I got a lot of reasons why I #LoveMyLibrary

I #LoveMyLibrary because it inspires me to think, to become who I want to be.
I #LoveMyLib because I can meet up with people that also love to think deeply.
I #LoveMyLib because it is a place to explore, both personally and professionally.
I #LoveMyLib because the librarians are helpful and caring.
I #LoveMyLib because it has helped me succeed, and will continue to do so.
I #LoveMyLib because it is home to the life-works of millions.
I #LoveMyLib because it has internet and an environment that helps me focus.
I #LoveMyLib and can’t wait to sit down and get work done!

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Author: Corinne Chronopoulos
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