April 4, 2016

Ronnie McIntire

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I #LoveMyLibrary because it really is one of the best deals going.

RonnieM“Whenever I travel, I make it a point to experience libraries. A recent trip to Portugal found me standing awestruck in the library of the University of Coimbra, one of the oldest libraries in the world. Several years ago I had the occasion to visit the Santa Fe Public Library, one of the busiest and most vibrant I have ever seen. The Athenaeum in Salem (MA) oozes period ambiance. In truth, the unanticipated awaits us in all libraries. Not surprisingly, my current “local” library, the Peterborough Town Library, has a special place in my heart, and not just because of its place in history. My now grown children were regulars, and they too have become avid readers. I know all the library staff by name, and they know me. Moreover, the service and the benefits I receive far exceed the tax dollars I pay in support. I #LoveMyLibrary because it really is one of the best deals going.”

Ronnie McIntire





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Author: Corinne Chronopoulos
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