September 29, 2016

Art of the Month: Surface Design by Lydia Burleigh

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Reception: October 4th 6-8pm

The Peterborough Town Library has a new display up fo r the month of October by local artist, Lydia Burleigh. Her exhibit features her sketches and surface designs, showing her whole process of designing fabric from beginning to end. Burleigh’s original sketches and the fabric they became are on view side by side as well as other examples of fabrics she designed and her latest portrait work.

Burleigh became interested in designing her own fabric after having two children. After setting her art aside to raise her girls, Burleigh’s mother taught her how to sew. She fell in love with the medium and started creating her own pieces from dresses and bibs for her daughters to pillows and aprons for herself and her friends. Burleigh then realized that not only had she fallen in love with sewing, but also with surface design and the patterns on the fabric with which she was working. She decided that she had to try it for herself and began learning how to design her own surface patterns. lydia1

Now, deep into teaching herself how to design her own fabric, Burleigh loves not only the fabric surface design aspect but also says “There is nothing more satisfying than sewing with your own designs.” She has created whole lines of fabric which are available at and

Burleigh has found that throughout her career as an artist she constantly needs to be challenging herself. She has never felt settled with just one medium and being able to constantly change and alter the way she works, through the medium she is working with or the pieces she produces, allows her to continue her art practice regardless of what is going on in her life. Burleigh has more recently begun to challenge herself by creating portraits and hopes to be able to pull her paints out again soon.

Join Lydia Burleigh at the Peterborough Town Library on Tuesday, October 4th from 6-8pm for a reception for her exhibit. The exhibit will be up through the month of October and available to view during regular library hours. For more information about Lydia Burleigh visit her website: lydiaburleighdesigns.comlydia2


Author: Corinne Chronopoulos
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