July 8, 2019

Lynda Available!

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PTL is pleased to offer its cardholders access to lynda.com’s library of instructional videos. Normally, using lynda.com requires a paid subscription, but as a PTL library cardholder you can access Lynda.com content from any computer with an Internet connection simply by entering your 14-digit PTL library card barcode and your library password.

If you do not remember your password, please call the library to have it reset.

Log into lynda.com using your barcode.

(Please note that you can only access course content through the PTL’s lynda.com login page, and not by directly visiting the lynda.com homepage. Bookmark accordingly. Please also note that while the PTL’s lynda.com accounts are accessible through mobile devices, they are not accessible through lynda.com apps. Use your mobile device’s browser.)

Once you have logged into lynda.com with your library barcode you must create a personalized lynda.com account by entering your name and e-mail address. This account can help you manage your course history, playlists, bookmarks, and Certificates of Completion. Many courses also featured exercise files, so that if you’re watching a tutorial about Microsoft Excel you can follow the activity with downloadable, pre-populated Excel spreadsheet files.

What is lynda.com?

lynda.com is an online learning site that hosts a constantly growing library of over 3,000 courses that include over 130,000 videos. Courses cover a variety of topics (including business, design, web development and multimedia skills) and software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and open source applications) that can help you pursue personal and professional goals. These courses are delivered by expert instructors and feature searchable transcripts that make it easy to find quick answers to questions. They also feature Certificates of Completion that can be uploaded to a LinkedIn profile.

Author: Corinne Chronopoulos
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