October 24, 2016

NH Voter Guide

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polling_placeWhat you need to know!


To be eligible to vote in New Hampshire you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older on Election Day
  • A U.S. citizen

When registering to vote, you are required to provide proof of identity, age, citizenship, and domicile. To prove age, any reasonable documentation indicating you are 18 years of age or older is acceptable. If you do not have sufficient proof of identity, citizenship and domicile, you may sign an affidavit.

Did you forget to Register??!! YOU CAN STILL VOTE.

The registration deadline for mailed registration applications is Saturday, October 29, 2016.

Election Day registration is available.

We repeat YOU MAY REGISTER AT THE POLLS on Election Day. You will be asked to proof of age, citizenship and address in order to register.

Voter Guide: Who will be on the ballot? 

There are zillions of sources on the candidates. Here are some suggestions to learn more. Read broadly to have the fairest assessment and use this as a starting point. (I) denotes an incumbent.

Presidential Election:

Vote411.org: Compare candidates side by side. This site provides direct links to presidential candidate websites, compares their stance on issues side by side, and has information on their vice presidential running mate.

iSideWith.com: Complete list of the 2016 Presidential candidate’s political stances. Fun polls and quizzes to test yourself on where you stand on the issues.

Washington Post Voter Guide: An application created by Societly, an independent, non-partisan organization. It asks for your stance on the issues and then matches you up with candidates whose views align with yours.

New Hampshire gubernatorial election:

Facts to know:
Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan will not seek re-election. She is running in the 2016 U.S. Senate election, leaving the 2016 gubernatorial election an open race.

Ballotpedia: Links to each candidates with bios, resume, and where they stand on the issues.

Republican Party: Chris Sununu
Democratic Party: Colin Van Ostern

NHPR: Links to recent articles covering the race. This article has great roundup from the gubernatorial forum held by NHPR in September.

U.S. Senator:

Voters will elect one candidate to serve in the U.S. Senate.

Republican Party: Sen. Kelly Ayotte (I)
Democratic Party: Governor Maggie Hassan
Libertarian: Brian Chabot.

Ballotpedia: List of full details for each candidate and background.

U.S. House of Representatives:

Voters will elect two candidates to serve in the U.S. House, one from each of the state’s two congressional districts. Ballotpedia has full information here.

Peterborough is in District 2.

District 2:
Democratic Party Annie Kuster (I)
Republican Party Jim Lawrence

NH State Senate

There are 24 seats in the New Hampshire State Senate and all are up for election in 2016. Ballotpedia has full information here.

Peterborough is in Senate District 9: (Bedford, Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Greenfield, Hancock, Jaffrey, Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, New Boston, Peterborough, Richmond, Sharon, Temple, and Troy.)
Democratic Party Lee Nyquist
Republican Party Andy Sanborn (I)

NH State Representatives

All 400 seats in the chamber are up for election in 2016. The state House is made up for 400 members in 204 districts. Peterborough is in House of Representatives District 24.

Democratic Party Ivy Vann (I)
Democratic Party Peter Leishman (I)
Republican Party Gary J. Carpenter

Executive Councilor

First of all, what does this person do??

“The Executive Council of the State of New Hampshire has the authority and responsibility, together with the Governor, over the administration of the affairs of the State as defined in the New Hampshire Constitution, the New Hampshire statutes, and the advisory opinions of the New Hampshire Supreme Court and the Attorney General.

Each of the five Executive Councilors represents one fifth of the population or approximately 263,000 citizens. Councilors are elected every two years, concurrently with the Governor. The Councilors participate in the active management of the business of the state. They receive assistance from the Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services and the Attorney General who review requests involving state funds since no expenditure can be legally authorized without the availability of adequate funds.” Source.

Peterborough is in District 5.

Democratic Party Dan Weeks of Nashua

Republican Party Dave Wheeler of Milford (I)












Author: Corinne Chronopoulos
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