June 27, 2016

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Week One Entries: Reviews on what to read and what not to….

Complete your book review form and submit at the main circulation desk. We’ll post a roundup of the best reviews every week and each review enters you into the weekly raffle for a $20 Giftcard to Toadstool.

Week One Raffle Winner is Peter Harrison.

The Unsettling of America by Wendell Barry
Note: We actually don’t have this book in our collection but we do have a new book of essays by Berry that we recommend!

Review by Bob Holt: 5 stars
In perhaps his most famous collection of essays, Wendell Berry’s reasoning about the human interaction with the land is on full display. The consistency of Berry’s worldview is staggering, particularly in our current era of politics where inconsistent reasoning is a given. The first and last essays in the book are particularly thought-provoking and bookend a collection of others that, while very good, don’t have the same page-turning intensity of the first and last.

A History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz
Review by Maja Harkikar: 4 1/2  stars

Ok, this book was weird, the plot was weird, the structure was weird, the writing was weird…but it worked well. I picked up the book because the cover was pretty and I peeked inside and enjoyed the writing style. I did not expect to get so sucked in and finish the entire book in one sitting. I’m a very character-driven reader, and this book had an amazing cast of well-developed, multidimensional, DIVERSE characters that really pulled me in.

First Order by Jeff Abbott
Review by Peter Harrison: 1 star

You can skip a few chapters and not miss anything.

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren
Review by Angela Heinselman: 5 colorful stars

A wonderful read. The story reminds us of our connection to the environment around us, whether it be nature or to other people. The book reminded me how we each can grow our “own seed” inside ourself and how e decide to grow it with the choices we make. A great adventure or maybe a new path to follow. 🙂


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