December 10, 2019

Short Reads Returns!

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Back by popular demand! Our coolest reading club will resume in 2020!

We read articles about science, space, climate, current events, health, and more! This month we are reading about noise pollution! Discussions are held the first Thursday of the month.

Next meeting January 2nd at noon. Feel free to bring your lunch!

Our first topic in 2020 will be NOISE POLLUTION! (I was yelling, could you tell?)

To join, simply stop by the help desk or email We can provide the articles electronically or in print form.

Why Short Reads? Because you don’t have all day. We pick 3-4 articles which could be read in 60 minutes. It’s the perfect club for the curious and those short on time.

This club is led by Jocelyn Duffy. Jocelyn has over a decade of experience developing and presenting programs about nature, science, and history for federal, state, and regional organizations. She has degrees in information technology, library science, and natural resource management and enjoys exploring the places where people and the environment come together. Jos works on the help desk and also works as a program coordinator. She runs the Short Reads book group and our popular survival series programming.

Author: Corinne Chronopoulos
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