October 5, 2018

Spooky Reads for Every Age

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Here’s a sampling of titles available in the library for your Halloween reading.  And these are only a few of many titles in our collection!


Stumpkin is a new picturebook, perfect for the preschool set.

Halloween is getting closer and closer.  Stumpkin’s fellow pumpkins leave the outdoor display one by one– will Stumpkin find a home? 


Tiger Vs. Nightmare (on order) is an early reader and a graphic novel.  Tiger has a secret weapon against nightmares.  After Tiger’s monster eats dinner and plays it then takes its place at the foot of Tiger’s bed, ready to fight off any nightmares.  But one night a bad dream scares Tiger and her monster—they realize fear is still scary even when it’s a figment of your imagination, but they have a cheer-worthy solution.          

Small Spaces is a middle grade book by Katherine Arden (author of the popular YA/adult Winternight Trilogy).  A school field trip to a local farm leads to a night of terror.  This novel is richly atmospheric and an ode to friendship and family love.  Readers who like to be scared, and readers who don’t, will all find something to love in this tour de force!

Award-winning comic creator Emily Carroll offers several sinister and spooky stories in Through the Woods.  This popular title is housed in our YA collection, where many adults read too.  School Library Journal called this book ‘a beautifully rendered but deeply chilling collection of vignettes.’  Kirkus Reviews called it ‘a sure winner for any reader with a yen to become permanently terrified.  Brilliant.’ But don’t believe them, check it out yourself!


Ghosts in the House is a sweet little picture book and ghost story! What to do when your house if full of ghosts?  Put them to good use!


Neil Gaiman’s Newbery Award-winning chapter book, The Graveyard Book, is set in a graveyard.  A graveyard where the ghostly inhabitants raise an orphaned small boy to young adulthood. Kindness and caring are interspersed with a mysterious and ancient conspiracy.


Lincoln in the Bardo is George Saunders’s Man Booker Prize-Winner novel, also set in graveyard.

Abraham Lincoln visits the crypt where his boy Willie is laid to rest after he’s succumbed to fever.  Willie is befriended by two spirits also residing in the ‘bardo’, a place in between life and death.  This novel is about so much more than loss and love, although they are paramount in the story.  Through a chorus of ghostly voices, the reader is exposed to all of humanity, a picture of Lincoln’s tumultuous times, and the entire spectrum of human experience.  Not to be missed.

Author: Corinne Chronopoulos
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