September 19, 2016

The Legacy of MacBeth

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Octoberwashington-dc-at-night 4th @ 7:00pm

The words of Macbeth’s weird sisters conjure up a world of witchcraft and sorcery, a world in which “time is out of joint.” That world continues to fascinate us 410 years after Shakespeare first staged it.

“Double, double toil and trouble,

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.”

On October 4th , Dr. Ann McEntee will present The Legacy of MacBeth: Shakespeare, Verdi, and Raylynmor Opera at the Peterborough Town Library.

This program will discuss our fascination with witches and a world upended by political ambition and treason. Dr. McEntee will discuss how this classic tale has evolved from Shakespeare’s original manipulation of historic documents to create the tragedy to Verdi’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s MacBeth as a Gothic world characterized by madness and terror.

Dr. McEntee will also talk about Raylynmor’s upcoming production of Verdi’s Macbeth, which traverses time and space to the present-day United States. Set during a presidential election cycle, Ben Robinson, the opera company’s artistic director transforms Macbeth into a candidate and the weird sisters into television reporters, talk show hosts, and print journalists.

Ann M. McEntee, Ph.D., will deliver this power-point presentation at the Peterborough Town Library on October 4th at 7pm. Dr. McEntee is a theatre and communications professor who has written about Shakespeare and directed stage productions of Shakespeare’s work.

Author: Corinne Chronopoulos
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