November 18, 2016

Two Takes On French Cuisine

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The newly formed Cookbook Club has been exploring two cookbooks both influenced by French cuisine.

artofsimplefoodOur first excursion was Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food which was published in 2007. Last night we explored Julia and Jacques: Cooking at Home which was the companion piece to the PBS cooking show of the 1990s.   While both proved fun and delicious, it was obvious that their style and approach were very different!

Alice Waters has a light touch with a focus on organic ingredients. Her take on cooking seems inspired not only by her time studying in France but also by her early training as a Montessori teacher and the California location of her flagship restaurant, Chez Panisse. 51jyhabdj3l

Julia Childs and Jacques Pepin, on the other hand, are icons of a more classical tradition and it shows in this cookbook.  The recipes stress technique and often call for equipment that one might not have on hand. That lead to some amusing stories about creative work arounds.   Nonetheless, the results were delicious and the conversation fascinating.

We will be taking the month of December off but we will start back in January ready to cook!  The group has considering lots of avenues for exploration including:  ethnic cooking, breads and soups, novels that are food-centric, histories of cooking, and even cherished family recipes.

Sound Interesting?  Please consider joining us.  Email the library at for more information.

Author: Mary Hubbard
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