October 28, 2016

CookBook Group

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November 15, 2018 - November 15, 2017

Meeting the First Thursday of Every Month

Next meeting November 15th at 6:30pm

This month we will be exploring The Zuni Cafe Cookbook by Judy Rodgers. 

The Cookbook Club is a casual fun group! Please choose a recipe that appeals to  you and prepare it.  You should not feel that you have to Feed an army but bring a dish to share.

Please bring your dish along with serving utensils to the meeting.  The Library will provide paper plates, napkins and cutlery along with sparkling water.

Please RSVP to Mary Hubbard at MHubbard@PeterboroughNH.gov. Let me know what you are planning to cook and if anyone is joining you that evening.  I will create a list for the evening so everyone can remember what we sampled.