April 3, 2018

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April 5, 2018 - April 5, 2018

Alicia Cubbage

A new watercolor exhibit will be on display at the Peterborough Town Library for the month of April. The exhibit consists of 33 watercolor paintings by local artist Alicia Cubbage, featuring her unique view of the natural world – the magic and mystery that is all around us. The library will host a reception for Alicia on Thursday, April 5th from 6-8pm.

This exhibit features the watercolor paintings that Alicia has created for her latest book “Gaia’s Calling – A Journey to rediscover the Magic of the Natural World and your connection to it”. The reception will not only celebrate her exhibit at the library, but will also be the first time this new book will be available to the public.


“With the busy, hectic lives that we humans live today, it is easy to forget that we are animals and we are part of the natural world,” Alicia explains. With her book and corresponding exhibit, Alicia “hope(s) to rekindle that connection and help build loving relationships between humans and our earth.”


Alicia began painting in 2014 after attending a watercolor workshop at a weekend retreat. Completely self-taught, Alicia has now designed, illustrated, and published an affirmation deck, an oracle deck, and a book. Alicia considers herself to be an Intuitive Artist and Author – a person who creates based on what they feel and know to be true even without conscious reasoning.

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