April 15, 2020

Library Home Companion!

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April 19, 2020 - April 19, 2020

Let us Entertain you!

We are hosting an amazing night of performances and entertainment for all ages on Sunday, April 19th from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. Called “Library Home Companion,” the show will be hosted by Tricia Rose Burt of NPR’s “The Moth” and will bring together many talented northern New England performers. To view “Library Home Companion,” log-in to your Facebook account and click on the live feed on the Peterborough Town Library page. This showcase of outstanding talent will feature:

Ciaran Nagle and Tara Novak – Ciarán Nagle is the founding member and producer of the world renowned Three Irish Tenors, and Tara Novak is a violinist and vocalist of extraordinary versatility. Ciaran trained in the College of Music Dublin and the Royal Academy of Music Dublin.  He worked extensively with Opera Ireland before being cast as the lead singer of the international sensation Riverdance, with whom he toured for two years, after which he returned to Dublin to found the Three Irish Tenors. Tara is the lead violinist with both The Three Irish Tenors and Druid. She has performed as a featured guest at over 100 corporate and private events.

Gumboots – Formed in the summer of 2018, “Gumboots” is a group of musicians from the greater Boston and Southern NH areas with a shared affinity for the music of Paul Simon.  The current members are:  Erik White/Guitars/Vocal  (Upton, MA), Duncan Pelletier/Keyboards/Vocal (Peterborough, NH),   Rory Hurley/Lead Guitar  (Francestown, NH), Jordan Cusano/ Drums  (Peterborough, NH), Ethan McBrien/ Bass (Nelson, NH), Rachel Allen/ Vocal  (Nelson, NH), Tobey LaRoche/ Percussion (Northampton, MA), Nick Heys/Accordion (Peterborough, NH), Matt Rivero/Trumpet  (Concord, NH), and Garrett Cameron/ Saxophone (Jaffrey, NH).

Ken Sheldon -To many, Ken Sheldon is best known as Yankee humorist Fred Marple and the creator of the “Frost Heaves” comedy shows and book. He went viral as Marple, creating a video that got more than 5 million views online: “Yoga for Yankees.”  Before “Frost Heaves,” Ken had a career as a children’s performer. His “Sing Along and Learn” series, published by Scholastic, has sold more than 150,000 copies and has been used in schools around the country and in other parts of the world.

Susie Spikol – Ever since she can remember, naturalist and writer Susie Spikol, has always been thrilled by the sight of any wild animal.  Whether it was the lightning bugs that lit up her childhood home in Brooklyn or holding a woolly bear caterpillar with her youngest child, Susie’s life work has been helping people of all ages find ways to notice and connect with the wild creatures of our everyday world. Over the course of her 30-year career as a naturalist, she has taught thousands of children, parents, and teachers and given hundreds of public talks at nature centers, schools, colleges, universities, libraries, and conferences.  She is the recipient of New Hampshire’s Environmental Educator Award.

Robert Fellows – As an internationally recognized stage magician and illusionist, Robert Fellows uses the skills he has honed over fifty years as an entertainer to create educational presentations that are experiential and memorable. Robert Fellows began his career with widespread media attention, having appeared on national television shows including “Phil Donahue,” “Leeza,” “The Home Show,” David Letterman,” “The American Experience” on PBS, “Mysteries of Magic” on TLC, “Impossible Escapes,” “Masters of Illusion XV,” “Canada AM,” and “Good Morning Australia.” His work has been the subject of feature stories in numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, the Denver Post, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

Jason LambertJason Lambert is a theatre artist, professional actor, and humanities teacher. A graduate of Yale and Rutgers’ Mason Gross School of the Arts, he has acted commercially, and extensively on stage in Seattle, Boston and the Cape, Minneapolis, and New York.  Jason has been in residence and taught theatre throughout the Northeast. He is based in Peterborough, where he works collaboratively drawing upon past and current literary, art, and theatre traditions to devise innovative and experimental theatre. Jason is the co-founder of the Firelight Theatre Workshop.

Adam Arnone – Adam Arnone’s art has always been building with words. He was born and raised in Keene and started performing and recording music professionally 20 years ago and never turned back. He raps/sings and recently started producing. Adam has toured the country for seven years straight and has released 13 albums.

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