December 13, 2018

Virtual Short Reads

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August 6, 2020 - August 6, 2020

We read articles about science, space, climate, current events, health, and more! This month we are exploring the latest news about Space.

Discussion Thursday August 6th at noon.  Access the articles HERE

The Perseid meteor shower is an annual event and this year it’s peaking around August 11-12.  So, to get everyone ready, I’ve pulled some articles about the latest space news.

Quick summary of the articles:

  1. Would you take a trip into space? Are you sure?
  2. The next Mars rover will launch in July (fingers crossed) — here’s what Perseverance will be getting up to on the red planet.
  3. We continue to learn more about our planetary neighbors — Juno reports on Jupiter.
  4. Could there be a planet beyond Pluto?
  5. Fast radio bursts are very cool and no, not caused by aliens.
  6. But what if they are?
  7. What exactly are the Perseids and where do they come from?

Some online extras

Traveling is probably not the best idea for this year’s shower, but you can prep for next year – find a great place to stargaze:

NASA put together a video of ten years of solar observations. It’s an hour long with a a meditative soundtrack.

Check out what the Hubble saw on your birthday (day, not year):

Discussions are held the first Thursday of the month.

Please email JDuffy @ for the link to the Zoom meeting.

Why Short Reads? Because you don’t have all day. We pick 3-4 articles which could be read in around 60 minutes. It’s the perfect club for the curious and those short on time.

Short Reads is hosted by Jocelyn Duffy.

Jocelyn has over a decade of experience developing and presenting programs about nature, science, and history for federal, state, and regional organizations. She has degrees in information technology, library science, and natural resource management and enjoys exploring the places where people and the environment come together. Jos works on the help desk and also works as a program coordinator. She runs the Short Reads book group and our popular survival series programming.