December 13, 2018

Virtual Short Reads

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July 2, 2021 - July 2, 2021

Join us for the discussion on Friday, July 2nd, from noon-1pm.

We read articles about science, space, climate, current events, health, and more!

This month: ReWilding

Conservation. Protection. Restoration. Reintroduction. The 3 C’s. Hands-off. Hands-on.

There’s no agreed upon definition of rewilding among all the organizations and individuals planning, running, and analyzing rewilding projects around the world. There are concerns about what, where, when and how to rewild and disagreement about what counts as success. The majority of projects I read about are focused on terrestrial rewilding, but there are articles reminding people of the importance of aquatic life, as well as life in the soil, in caves, and at the microbial level.

Steve Carver, et al. introduce some Guiding Principles for Rewilding and explain what the 3 C’s are in Conservation Biology (2021):

Is any area on Earth truly free from human influence? What do we use as our baseline or reference environment when we’re deciding how to rewild?

Species or Ecosystems: How Best to Restore the Natural World? by Fred Pearce on Yale Environment 360 (Apr 27, 2021):

A grassroots organization is aiming high in Montana and encountering pushback. Can rewilding successfully incorporate local voices?

Is American Prairie Reserve Taking The West Back To The Future? by Shawn Regan in Mountain Journal (Mar 25, 2019):

Don’t forget the science. Idaho’s New Law to Eradicate Wolves: Some Lessons for Environmental Communication by Gavin Lamb on Medium (Jun 2, 2021):

A local example of landscape level conservation that might lead to rewilding is the Quabbin to Cardigan partnership:  Look under Resources for a fact sheet about the project and a 2013 article by the Forest Society about building the partnership and the many different facets of the project.

Email JDuffy @ for the link to the Zoom meeting.

Why Short Reads? Because you don’t have all day. We pick 3-4 articles which could be read in around 60 minutes. It’s the perfect club for the curious and those short on time.

Short Reads is hosted by Jocelyn Duffy.

Jocelyn has over a decade of experience developing and presenting programs about nature, science, and history for federal, state, and regional organizations. She has degrees in information technology, library science, and natural resource management and enjoys exploring the places where people and the environment come together. Jos works on the help desk and also works as a program coordinator. She runs the Short Reads book group and our popular survival series programming.

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