May 31, 2019

Stars of Egypt

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August 1, 2019 - August 1, 2019

Thursday, August 1st at 10:30am
Explore the mysteries of the constellations and how they connect with the pyramids of Ancient Egypt with artifacts from the Mariposa Museum and World Culture Center’s own collection.

A Universe of Stories!

Blast off to a Summer of Learning!

What’s Summer Reading all about? Summer Reading prevents the summer slide in learning for people of all ages. It helps kids, parents, and adults stay engaged with their goals by focusing on reading as a community!

When: Starting June 24th and running for 6 weeks. Full information here.

Register: Sign up at the library and receive your challenge sheet (we have one for kids and adults!) and snazzy bag.

How:  Complete the challenge by reading 10 hours over the summer*!
Finish your reading chart and submit it to receive a free book.

*Participants may read to themselves, to someone else or listen to books. 

All are invited to the End of Summer Reading Celebration on Friday August 2nd to collect their prize and enjoy a galaxy cupcake!